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Estate Sale Find!

What a crazy story! And my husband was so dear to surprise me! When I saw the piece on the lot, it was very dusty, and didn't look great, but I could see the beauty hiding underneath. It had been stored in a garage, for who knows how long. The gentleman who owned it bought it at an auction, and never intended it for his own use. It was structurally in good shape, but just needed a little TLC.

When I went back the second day to check on the price and take a picture, I was pretty disappointed that it had been sold. So, to soften the blow, I rationalized all kinds of things (all of which were true)...we didn't need it, we didn't need to spend the money, it would be a hassle to transport...and that worked pretty well.

But when I got home, I just had to ask Robert "Is there any chance that you stopped by the Estate Sale?" When he said that he had bought the piece, I cannot tell you how delighted I was! I exclaimed so loudly and so long, that I felt hoarse afterwards! And I could tell that Robert was happy that he had delighted me so.

What a happy ending! Now, I'll have to show you when we are able to take it to the mountains. Right now, it is difficult to get to the mountains because of the road washout. In the meantime, our new little beauty will reside in the guest house, waiting for its new home!


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