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Engagement Party and Wedding Dress Shopping!

Such a big day! Spending time with Julia is always a joy - but to be spending time with her as we plan her wedding is double the delight.

We didn't really do a good job of wedding dress shopping today because we hadn't properly planned for the excursion. Because Julia surprised me with her visit, I didn't know that she would be here, so didn't make any bridal salon appointments. Nonetheless, I thought it would be fun to pop into a store just to start the process. We will have plenty of time to try on more dresses this summer when she visits again!

However, because we didn't have an appointment and we were pressed for time, we didn't savor the experience as we will, but it was great fun, and we got a feel for what Julia wanted and what was possible. We visited the store Panache in Beverly Hills because that is where my second daughter was successful in finding her wedding dress, and because it's not too far of a drive from our home.

Julia looked beautiful in all the gowns that she tried on, and I cried the first time I saw her in a wedding baby getting married! She had lots of opinions about all the dresses, and it was fun to hear her thoughts about what worked and what didn't.

We both agreed that the most important feature of a wedding dress is that it has to make the bride look and feel spectacular!

That won't be hard with my Julia, she's already an absolutely spectacular young woman!


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