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Easter Greetings

There will be lots of celebrating this weekend...egg dyeing, easter egg hunting, basket finding, table setting, and lots of cooking. (Guess who's preparing all of that!!)

But really those are traditions that enhance the joy of the season, and celebrate spring and the new life that will come. They're not the reason for the season.

Tomorrow is Good Friday. I will light a candle for the intentions of those that I love. I will sit quietly and pray at noon on one of my beautiful rosaries. And I won't eat meat.

Saturday, I will dye eggs with grandchildren, and we will eat together as a family.

And on Sunday, we will gather with family, hunt for eggs and baskets, and have a prayer service on zoom so that our whole family can be together, and then dine on an Easter feast.

Easter Sundays were always such happy days in my family as a child. My mom always bought me an Easter frock, an Easter bonnet, and a pretty little purse. My dad always bought both of his girls a beautiful, orchid corsage with colorful netting, and a pearl stick pin to attach it to our dresses. And the ushers would direct us to our seats at St. Patrick's, where we would proudly walk down the aisle, then squeeze into pews that were already overfilled with parishioners.

Things have certainly changed. Unfortunately, we have not felt comfortable attending mass inside our parish church for the last 2 years, and online mass is just not the same. I do miss it. Hopefully soon, we will be able to return to our normal ways.

Until then, blessings and peace for this sacred season. We will be praying for you and yours.


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