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Easter Feasting!

Honestly, we had a lovely Easter, BUT I took hardly any video! Ergh. I was so busy cooking, setting tables, & holding babies, that I wasn't able to properly document all the doings!

Ah well.

The meal was delicious, and was a combined effort of the family. Jenny made breakfast potatoes, and deviled eggs, Matt made the ham, & Jackie made the brownies! The rest was made by yours truly, with great consternation I might add!

The best of my lot was the lentil recipe. The lentils were unusual, like little caviar beads, I"m not sure you could buy them in the store. You might want to check out the Rancho Gordo website:

There's so many varieties of beans's hard to believe! Jenny belongs to a Rancho Gordo club where she receives several packages every quarter. And it's always fun to try new beans!

Here's the link for the caviar lentil recipe...

It's a new chapter, now that we turn the page after Easter. Blessings on us all!

P. S. the faux Chanel bags were a big hit!


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