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Easter Egg Dyeing and Hunting!

This is the best thing about a garden -- you can have an Easter egg hunt! I was busy in the kitchen, so Robert took the lead on the hunt, and it was a big success. We started out by having just our two grandchildren, even though we did invite the neighborhood kids, but by the time Easter morning arrived, we had almost 15 RSVPS, and not quite enough eggs!

We stuffed the eggs with a whole bunch of individually wrapped Peeps. They fit great in the eggs, are sanitary, and won't melt - perfect for the hunt. Plus, we put tickets in some of the eggs - and the children could redeem the tickets for prizes! That was also a big hit.

The neighbors were grateful and the kidlets were giddy. It was delightful. PLUS our two daughters were able to celebrate with us, and Abby and Cora were the cutest egg finders. They had matching blue smocked dresses ( from grandma, of course ) and were happy in the sunshine. They loved their peeps, but especially the balls that the Easter Bunny provided. They, of course, could have their pick of the prizes, and the bouncy balls were the favorite.

Grandparenting is the best. Even though I used every pot and pan in the kitchen for the Easter meal, and spent the rest of the day washing dishes - it was worth every minute.


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