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Dryscape Gardening!

Dryscape gardening is not a new concept. It's been around for a while. Its goes under other names as well, such as xeriscaping, or desert-scaping. The primary idea is that gardening should utilize less water, and conserve energy -- very environmentally friendly! When done well, dryscaping can be very beautiful, and soothing. Elements of rock, decomposed granite, and native drought tolerant plants combine for lovely vistas from the living room window or on a busy boulevard.

Speaking of busy boulevards...I was surprised as I viewed the recorded video clips when I got home after filming. There was lots of activity! Cars passing, gardeners buzzing, construction building, and airplanes flying overhead. Honestly, while I was outside I hardly noticed a thing! Lucky me...I can live in world of zen, even though there's noise all around!

Recently I've tried to tour public gardens near me, so I could give us both a brief respite from this quarantine madness. But to my dismay, many public spaces - and gardens, still remain closed to visitors, so it's been rough going. I was glad when our good friends allowed me to visit their garden today, it was fun to see it through new eyes, even though we've visited many times!

Really that's what gardens do -- allow us to see things with new eyes. To appreciate the natural world, let it seep into our senses, and help us to renew our spirit, as we contemplate the cycle of life in a garden.


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