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Dino Birthday Party!

I just love birthday parties...and in my book - parties need themes. Now that I have grandchildren...I can have all kinds of fun giving their parents themed parties once again! (Although I don't think I every really stopped doing that!) The grandchildren love the festivities, so I always make sure that the parents' themed party is something that they can enjoy. And in this case, dinosuars filled the bill!

I had both of my daughters make sure that each of the granddaughters picked dinosaurs from their own toy bins to be invited to our party. You can see all of their choices in the video. When the grands arrived they had party decorating to do by placing their Dinos on the birthday table!

The Dino cupcakes were super easy, and so fun! They are a package set from Wilton that I found at Party City!

It was a fun birthday morning - but I've got lots more celebrating to show you this week...birthdays at our house are always a grand affair!


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