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Diagramming the Garden!

I’m going all out on this garden planning project. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. And as a teacher, I know that planning is the key to success. So I planned my head off today. I measured, and calculated, checked the vegetable spacing requirements, and put it all into a blender and came up with a schematic of what I think the garden should look like for fall.

I based my decisions on the plants’ need for space, shade (lettuce) and full sun (carrots), and the ability of the garden to accommodate that. It hurt my brain. And as I write tonight I realize that I need to change placement of the lettuce, because we will need to build a shade for them – so this may completely upend my carefully crafted plans. Ergh.

Ah well. That’s the great thing about gardening, and plants in general. They're very forgiving. The most important thing is to love the process, try hard, and plan ahead. I’m already planning for spring! I have most of my iris bulbs in, and am soon going to plant drifts of daffodil and allium bulbs. Just listen to that…drifts of daffodils. Nothing could be lovelier.

Except Baby Abby, our new grandaughter.

Abby is the loveliest. She is thriving, and keeping her parents up all night. But they too, have the preparing gene. And they have been preparing for Abby for a long time. So, even though they’ve had many sleepless nights, they are prepared for what may come, and flexible when the answers don't seem very clear. Very little flusters them. AND Abby has gained almost a pound since her birth a little more than a week ago. She is a champ already!

Preparation takes many forms, diagramming a garden, or putting together a crib. I’m a “be prepared” kind of girl, and I am certain that it will pay dividends in the end!


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