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Dedicated to the Ones I Love...

What a thoughtful, extravagant gift my husband gave me! It has been a delight to practice my recital piece on it these past few days!

I really haven't played the piano for years...and I haven't played seriously since I was a teenager, so I was quite proud of myself for being able to play "Moon River" for you. And although it was an easy piece, with my new piano, it sounds amazing...I can't wait to try other favorite songs.

I am also very excited to play Disney tunes for the granddaughters. I quickly learned "Wheels on the Bus" and played it for them - but they were absolutely unimpressed, so maybe I'll wait a little on that!

In any case, my dedication is heartfelt. To my darling husband, who spoils me every day, and to my mom, who made this beautiful life possible.


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