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I talk a lot about my marigolds. And I talk a lot about deadheading them. But maybe I've assumed too much for beginning gardeners, because when I was in the front yard today - I had two neighbors ask me about my marigolds, and how to deadhead. So I made a video to show you exactly what I do. It's dead easy (ha ha!) and just takes patience and little bit of elbow grease. (Although the DWP has become my best friend!)

However, I'm having a little bit of a dilemma about when to switch out the marigolds this season. They're still so bright and quite robust, but they are melting fast, and I want to get chrysanthemums in while there is still a good selection in the nurseries. I'm thinking about a mix of autumn mums and ornamental kale, but I've changed my mind lots of times. I don't want to leave the marigolds in so long that they look tattered and worn. That wouldn't be fair to them when they have been so beautiful all season. They need to go out in a blaze of glory, as befitting their long reign in the garden this season.

The marigolds (and I will stop talking about them after this) are a wonderful example of what can happen when something is well cared for. My marigolds came to me as mostly 2 inch little shoots, from the orphanage called Home Depot. They weren't any kind of special marigold, but they sure did get special care. I deadheaded frequently, watered consistently, especially during the intensive heat, sprayed for thrips on a systematic basis, fed them flower fertilizer, and most importantly --- I talked to them a lot.

All of it paid off, and my neighbors are very grateful. Today one of the passers by told me that it made her happy to walk by my house. That's a good thing.


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