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Darling Julia's D.C. Birthday!

It was so wonderful to be with Julia on her birthday. We try to be with each of our girls on their special day - even if it means traveling to them!

Julia lives in Washington, D.C. with her husband, Dan. He was away on business for her birthday weekend, but we did our best to fill in!

Julia is our youngest daughter, and it is hard to believe that she is now 30! Where does the time go! We have been proud of her every day, and this weekend we were again proud of her, as we saw first hand the work that she does for our government in the Office of Management and Budget. It was fun to see her office, bit it's all top I couldn't take any pictures!

We also visited lots of wonderful restaurants ( I need to start my diet tomorrow!), and a terrific gallery that I will show you too.

The highlight of the weekend, however, (besides seeings Julia's office and her lovely home) was visiting the White House and the West Wing. Just wow. I was very emotional because I could feel the history in each place, and I felt privileged to be able to visit. We even saw the Oval Office! ( But no pictures there either!)

We have Julia to thank for access to the People's House -- because we're not great planners, and this would have never happened had we been in charge.

So even though this was Julia's birthday weekend...she gave us the best present of all.


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