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Cucumber Soup

I can’t deny it. While my husband and I are faring well, and healthy, the double phenomena of quarantining for Covid, and having to stay inside because of the intense heat, has taken its toll. We have both been keeping busy with projects and taking care of the house, but it’s been a little bit of a struggle. I do know that we are so blessed to have each other and a home and garden that we love. So I don’t want to complain. But still. I think it’s ok to say that being inside for an indefinite period of time (as we all are) isn’t ideal.

Nonetheless, there are things that make a difference. And one of those is cooking! I’m not a chef, but I do like to try different recipes, though mostly I cook without them. My daughters call it Surprise Cooking – as in whatever I make is always a Surprise!

However, after the Cucumber Harvest yesterday morning, I did a little research and found a recipe for Cucumber Soup. I’m not a great fan of cold soups, but honestly, this one works! And Robert liked it too! Watch the video to hear all my preparation tips, and click on the recipe here.

There’s something calming, and satisfying about making food to feed your self or those that you love. The act of collecting the ingredients, measuring, stirring -- it can be meditative, and when the dish turns out as well as my Cucumber Soup, it’s a happy moment.

I wanted to treat my husband with a special dinner setting, just because. He is so good to me, and he deserves to be spoiled. So I brought out the good china, the amber crystal, and I surprised him with an elegant place setting, starting with my home made from-the-garden Cucumber Soup.

It was a lovely way to beat the quarantine doldrums. I recommend it!


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