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Cranky Pants!

Sometimes a good old fashioned complaining session is good for you. And I don't want to be a Pollyanna about my garden. Not everything goes right, blooms beautifully, or is ripe and luscious. Plenty of things fall short. Disappointments are a part of life. And when they are in the garden, really they're just an annoyance. There's nothing life threatening about them -- so I just learn from the experience and move on.

It could also be that this quarantine is just getting to me. Robert and I are literally weeks away from being 65 -- he's about 6 weeks away and I am about 12 weeks away ( I'm the younger woman) , and because we're short a few weeks, whenever we try to register for a vaccine anywhere, we are rejected. So we are not on any waiting list anywhere -- except the general waiting list that all Americans are on that want the vaccine. To make it worse, literally 95 percent of the people that we know, both old (65-ish) AND young (way under 65) have gotten a vaccine.

I'm happy for them, and of course, one person getting the vaccine can protect us all -- but I'm just having a pity party right now. Because of course, I think Robert and I deserve to get it but can't for the life of us figure out how. Robert, has a different way of handling it. He just yells at the TV when the news is on.

So that's my story for the day. Garden disappointment = no big deal. Vaccine disappointment = big deal.

We're just going to have to quarantine until we can be vaccinated. And that means more time in the garden. But hopefully not too many disappointments!

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Britta Lee Shain
Britta Lee Shain
Mar 09, 2021

Well put. And a good reminder. This too shall pass ... or so they tell me, and right now I have to remind myself to believe "them." LOL

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