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Covid Testing in Los Angeles!

In some ways, we felt like we were in an emergency situation! We thought that getting a Covid test would be really easy. We had gotten one before, and there were lots of places, and lots of slots available over many days. So, we waited until the day before to get our Covid test appointment for visiting Baby Abby. AND that was not a good idea.

The only place that had spots open was Dodger Stadium, and that's quite a ways from where we live, but we had left ourselves no choice!

It was an ordeal, let me tell you! And we had to do it in the dark, because that was the only slot open. But we persevered! There were thousands of people in line, and it felt overwhelming at first, but it was well organized, and once we got inside the stadium itself, there was lots to listen to (Radio 1620 AM) and lots of lighted boards and videos that were entertaining and informative.

Even though we had taken the same type of test before, I was still a little unsure, so I paid close attention to the videos. Then we got our packet, there wasn't really a designated spot to park and complete the test, because they need for you to keep moving. So, I did get a little nervous. You would never know it, except that I accidentally recorded exactly what I was thinking. Robert says it's one of my most endearing (maybe not) qualities -- that I say exactly what I'm thinking, generally without regard for the situation.

Ah well. It adds a bit of humor to the whole ordeal! And good news! We were both negative!


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