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Covid Staycation!

It's been a rough week, and I am going to wrangle Robert to do a video with me so we can chat about it and tell you what went down! You might find it helpful if you haven't yet have Covid and find yourself in the same position!

However, everybody is recuperating, and on the mend...but no fireworks for us this year.

That's just fine. We have a little oasis here in our own backyard.

We had a pool session with the granddaughter, and then a lovely meal. And even though Robert is still on the mend he made the most delicious Tri-Tip on the Green Egg. I should have him explain to you how that works. It's different than a barbecue, and the meat turns out so tender and delicious. Plus we had leftovers!

This Fourth of July was one for the books...but next masks!


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