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Covid Reading List !

Let me just say at the outset here...I was an English literature major in college. I know what good literature is. BUT when you have Covid, sometimes you just want an easy, fun read. And I'm not a snob. I'll read anything!

That's why I thought I was going to be reading lots of "chick lit." (Chick lit focuses on romantic relationships, female friendships, and workplace struggles in humorous and lighthearted ways.)

But except for one selection (The Fake Mate) I wouldn't characterize any of my reading list as strictly "chick lit." There was lots of depth, and seriousness to many of the novels, even though they were all an enjoyable read.

I'm still struggling trying to convert to online reading, but I just like to have a book in my that's something I will have to work on. I think it could save me a lot of money!

Now that I have gotten through this list, I am looking for other suggestions! Let me know your recent favorite read!


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