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Corn in June! And a Birthday to Celebrate!

Life is busier than ever! And I'm retired!

My garden looks great and is generally doing well (although I plan to complain about my tomatoes soon) but I've not been able to spend the time outside that I would like. I can see the weeds creeping in, and the roses that need pruning. I can see the soil that needs tilling, and I've still got plants to get into the ground! Plus the front border needs replanting ASAP!

So much to do!

But first. DISNEYLAND!

Robert and I grew up with Disneyland. Disneyland was born in 1955 - and we came along less than a year later. So our parents took us for summer outings often to the Magic Kingdom. But for me, as an only child, my parents took me quite often, and I have such fond memories of roaming the park, riding the attractions, eating at the Blue Bayou restaurant, and always coming home with a Mickey Mouse balloon.

Robert and I continued the tradition with our girls, and they are as fond of it as we are. However, they now have little ones of their own, who will soon enjoy the park, but are too tiny just yet. So Robert are going by ourselves!

I can't wait! It's my birthday present! Happy 65th to me!

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Elaine Diamond
Jun 07, 2021

Happy Birthday...and welcome to Medicare! Enjoy your Disneyland Day with all the trimmings. 🎁🎈😊

Best wishes,

Elaine in LA

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