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Cora's Mickey Cake!

This was an adventure that I really had to work at -- I was not feeling great, but I was determined to make this cake for my granddaughter. I'm pretty sure my mom would have done the same thing. I think I get my stubbornness from her. And glad of it too. I think it serves me well.

I'm also pretty sure that my husband would disagree with me. Much of the time he considers my stubbornness a problem to deal with. But since we've been married forty two years - I can tell you he's done a good job of navigating my stubbornness, and I think that he secretly appreciates it -- maybe it's more like I'm pertinacious, rather than just obstinate! That's what I'm going with tonight.

At any rate, I think the cake turned out pretty close to what It was supposed to be. My steady hand improved over the course of the icing, but that meant that the eyes, which I did first, were little wiggy waggy. However, taken as a whole, it looks just fine. And as they say, perfect is the enemy of good. It was good! And I'm proud of it!


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