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Cora's Ghost Spider 3rd Birthday Cake!

You won't believe this. The party was cancelled! The weather was rainy the night before and most of the morning, and Jenny had a beautiful backyard party she had to reschedule it.

So what happened to all the cakes?????

Well. We visited Jenny, Biff, Cora and Gracie on Sunday morning and brought all the cupcakes for a little treat. Robert's brother & wife, Joe and Lynn, were there as well, so we had a family party! Lemonade out of lemons! As for the Ghost Spidy cake, I was not 100% happy with it anyway - so I AM going to make another one for the rescheduled party next week! And maybe I'll do a Spider cake too! That may be me getting carried away -- but we'll see. Tomorrow it's back to the cake store for more ingredients!

Robert and I had a piece of the Ghost Spider cake for dessert -- and we really liked it!

Here's the things I would do differently next time.

  • No more store-bought icing. It wasn't sticky or firm enough.

  • I need to shave down the cake so the profile of the cake more closely resembles the character. The egg shape was too round.

  • I need to use the next smaller hole for the extruder. The one I used was too bulky.

  • The most difficult part was the hood. I need to make it bigger, with larger symmetrical sides that I can tuck under the fondant collar.

  • The next most difficult part was essentially freehanding the eyes and collar. I am going to find a better stencil to make that easier.

Wish me luck this week!


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