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Cora at the Cabin!

It was the first visit of a granddaughter to our mountain cabin. And it was an ordeal to get her to us...I can assure you of that! The Interstate 5 was at a dead stop because of a fire and several accidents, so Jenny and Biff, her parents, got off the freeway and stayed the night at a hotel en route, so that they could start fresh the next morning. They arrived at 3:00 p.m the next day...We traveled the same route earlier in the day and traversed 30 miles in 3 hours! Yikes!

When they arrived the adventure began! Cora's favorite thing was the gravel in our yard, and of course, every stick and rock that she came across. And there were so many!

We were very social, and Cora just came right along. On Saturday night, we had a community get together on a neighbor's deck, and then a dinner at our house. Cora sat at the head of the table! On Sunday we had the Labor Day Silver City HOA meeting, and no nap Cora attended that too! And really enjoyed the dessert bar.

Later, we drove Cora to Mineral King, while Cora napped, but we promised her French fries when she woke up - so we headed straight to the Silver City Store after our drive, and feasted on the best fries ever!

That evening we enjoyed Grandma's posole, then bedtime after a brief peek at the campfire.

Next day, our trip home was less traumatic, with less traffic -- but more heat! It was 110 degrees in Bakersfield. Compliments to Cora's parents, who managed difficult circumstances with flexibility and good attitudes all around.

We want more mountain time with our granddaughters soon!

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