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Christmas Window Shopping in Beverly Hills!

I'm mad that there is such a reflection in the window so you can't see the display in window to proper effect. Nonetheless, the windows were such a visual festive, and sparkly. And red!!!! I just enjoyed lingering and looking.

But the truth is...there really wasn't one thing in the window that I would have bought (even if I had all the money in the world). Well. Maybe I would have bought the the Baccarat crystal Christmas tree!

However, the truth is that the pandemic, and, honestly, my age, make most of the things in the window just not relevant any more. Four inch heels? No thank you. Thousand dollar evening bags? What for? Ten thousand dollar outfits? Why?

I might be a little sad about that. But not too sad. I'm content with my life. And I can dress elegantly without spending millions.

But it sure is fun to look.


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