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Christmas Tree Shopping At Aldik Home

I want to go back to Aldik Home! And buy more ornaments!!! Big trees require lots of large ornaments to cover so much real estate. Now, I do have lots of ornaments ( over 1200 +) BUT most of my large ornaments are art projects from when the girls were little.

I do love them, and I will continue to put them on the tree -- but it definitely doesn't have the decorator tree look to it. That's fine by me -- BUT I want to add some decorator touches this year. Let's see if I can convince Robert!

He's so good to me, the way that he indulges my holiday decorating passions.

I remember the first day that the realtor took us to preview the house we now live in (almost 35 years ago) and I saw the high ceilings. The first thing that I said was "This is the perfect house for the tallest Christmas Tree!"

And ever since then, Robert has made sure that we have had a 12 foot tree every Christmas. Even when it falls out of the rafters. Even when it's too wide to get in the front door. Even when it's so heavy that it requires three people to put up.

And that's just one of the reasons why I love him.


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