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Christmas Light Looking!

Here's an update on the progress of our Christmas activities! First the schedule...

Christmas Event Planning!

Meal Edition

Friday, December 11 Quarantine Liberation Celebration! Chicken & 40 cloves (4)

Saturday, December 12 Bratwurst (4)

Sunday, December 13 Abby’s Homecoming Party! Jackie Chicken (6)

Monday, December 14 Fish Tacos (6)

Tuesday, December 15 Julia Indian Food Night (6)

Wednesday, December 16 Hallmark Movie Night, Hot Cocoa with Homemade Marshmallows! Hamburgers (6)

Thursday, December 17 Themed Dinner, Spaghetti Western Night & Post Cards to Voters! Gluten Free Pasta and Meatballs (8)

Friday, December 18 Cookie Baking and Christmas Caroling! Potato and Ham Casserole (8)

Saturday, December 19 Dan’s Fried Chicken & Christmas Dance Party!

Sunday, December 20 Christmas Light Looking, Chili Colorado (8)

Monday December 21 Winter Solstice Party, Star Gazing, & Apple Wassailing! Polish Kielbasa (8)

Tuesday, December 22 Lussekatter, Game Night, Take Out (8)

Wednesday, December 23 Baby Book Night & Christmas Dinner Preparation! Lasagna (8)

Thursday, December 24 Christmas Eve Zooming, Feasting & Pajama Ball! Prime Rib (8)

Friday, December 25 Christmas Day, Mass, and Santa! Ham (8)

We've had some lovely dinners thus far in the Christmas season! Dan's "chicken and 40 cloves" was delicious, and Julia's "Indian food night" was crazy good. Plus, the homemade marshmallows were a revelation!

It was also important that we all watched the Hallmark movie, One Royal Holiday because it is about a Christmas Pajama Ball -- which is what we are going to have this Christmas Eve! So we checked that off the list, even though the men had a hard time taking it seriously!

The spaghetti western night was a big hit as well - and I assigned 10 post cards to each family member. We are encouraging voters in Georgia to vote! (I might do Robert's because his handwriting is a little problematic. He got a D in handwriting in 2nd grade!) And we watched A Few Dollars More with Clint Eastwood. Hilarious. They were Robert's favorite movies when he was a kid, so this was his treat.

The Christmas caroling was too fun. We called several neighbors before hand, to let them know we would be by, so when we knocked, they would open their doors. We stood way back close to the curb, and wore masks, but it was fun to bring cheer to a few neighbors in this season when we feel like we all need to stay in our silos. We even had Baby Abby with us -- she was all bundled up with daddy, and stayed at the curb, but I think she's going to be musical, and so singing Jingle Bells, and Wet Wish You a Merry Christmas, was right up her alley.

The next night after dinner, we all nominated our favorite dance songs for our Christmas dance party. Here were the nominations:

Only the Good Die Young - Billy Joel

Christmas in Hollis - Run DMC

Bicycle - Queen

Innagaddadavida - Iron Butterfly

Spice Girls

Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree - Brenda Lee

And the WINNER was...Bicycle by Queen! It is Abby's favorite! And she and her daddy really rocked around the Christmas tree! She was red cheeked but happy when she left our house for bedtime that night. BUT it was hard to really dance to our full potential because we all overloaded on Dan's home made fried chicken. Amazing!

Tonight we looked at Christmas lights near us on Candy Cane Lane in Woodland Hills. A group of neighbors made a pact a long time ago (maybe 3 - 4 blocks) that all houses would decorate for Christmas. Some houses go all out, and it's really fun to see. We were surprised at the number of cars, because on the way there, Ventura Blvd. was almost completely deserted. I guess it feels like a safe activity during the Christmas season - and it's free - so it's very popular.

I'm looking forward to singing to my Apple tree tomorrow night as we mark the Winter Solstice and celebrate by making home-made Wassail. PLUS I'm 99% finished with Abby's Christmas stocking!

It's a busy season indeed!


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