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Christmas Light Drive Thru!

Robert and I are always on the lookout for ways to get out and about safely in the pandemic. Which means that we don't get out and about very much at all. I still do Instacart for all groceries. I've done no Christmas decor shopping, whereas every other year I hang out at Joanne's and Michael's craft stores, and Home Goods just for fun because there is always so much sparkle and spirit. And of course, no malling. My girls and I used to spend lots of time at the malls together...and I really miss that. I never thought I would miss those food courts...but I think I do!!!

All to say, that when I saw that we could kick off the Christmas season in a safe way -- I was ready to go! There is a drive through Christmas light experience near us, and while it is expensive ($75.00 per car) I thought that it would be one of the fun ways to begin Christmas despite the quarantine. I mean, I'm not spending money any where else!

I would have liked to have waited and have my family tour with us -- but because of Covid, we would have had to be in separate cars -- and $75.00 X 4 cars is just unreasonable. So, I decided that it would be an early Christmas treat for just Robert and me.

The Wonderland Christmas light tour was inventive, and sparkly, with live elements included as well. I know that this is a big company, and their purpose is to make money - but I was grateful to them for providing us with a little pre-Christmas spirit, though it came at a pretty high price.

There is neighborhood near us called "Candy Cane Lane" where all the residents on several contiguous blocks go all out in decorating for Christmas. However, I heard that this year, the display won't happen because of Covid, and so this may be the only concentrated Christmas light looking that we will be able to do this year.

A less expensive but almost as satisfying Christmas kick off -- is a gift that my oldest daughter gave me yesterday. A digital Nordic Advent Calendar! It's a LOT less expensive -- $5.00 -- and so relaxing and fun. Every day there is a little Christmas vignette to watch. The artwork is beautiful, the animation is even better, and the spirit of Christmas fills every corner. If you are familiar with Jacqui Lawson digital e-cards, you will know what I mean. AND there's no chocolate involved so it's easy on the diet!

I find it to be a little meditation in the middle of a busy pandemic Christmas season. A place where Christmas sparkles, and Christmas traditions abound. Soothing and safe. I recommend it!


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