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Christmas in July!

This is one tradition that I am so glad that my mother left me. She made Robert and my stockings when we got married, and then made stockings for all of our children as well.

I'm well on my way to completing this sacred task too -- and carrying on the tradition! My friend Tina helped me with my daughters Jenny, Jackie, and Matt (my son-in-law's) stockings -- because before I retired I just couldn't get it together to complete them in time!

After I retired, I finished Biff's (my son-in-law), Coraline's, and Abby's stocking in the past two years. And I'm pretty proud of my self.

I'll be even more proud if I get Julia's and Dan's finished before Christmas!!!

But starting in July can't be a bad thing. Wish me luck!

Here's the link in case you want to started on some of your own! Now's the time to buy - if you wait until closer to Christmas, the pickings are slim.

Have a great weekend!


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