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Christmas at Roger's Gardens!

So many things to tell you! First, our visit to Roger's Gardens was because of the generosity of my husband. He bought me the Disneyland Rose, which I had been coveting for a while. But when he tried to have it delivered to our house, it wasn't possible, so we had to trek to Roger's Gardens an hour away. I was not disappointed about that! I knew that they created a Winter Wonderland for Christmas, and I was only too happy to go visit and peek into the magic that they had created there.

To be honest, the first time I heard about Roger's Gardens was over 5 years ago, when a dear friend bought me a beautiful, and most elegant Christmas ornament from there. She brought it to our Christmas Eve party as a hostess gift. We've had our Christmas Eve Party for the last 39 years, and invite friends and family to fill the house with love and laughter. This year, we will not have our traditional Christmas Eve party, but hope to have a Zoom Party instead -- ahhh 2020!

At the time she gifted me the ornament, I was unaware of how large, and how extraordinary Roger's Garden really was. The ornament that she bought me was a transparent gold globe with glitter bands, and beautiful scroll work decorating the outside, tied with a delicate sparkly gold ribbon. It will always remind me of her. Our friend has since passed from pancreatic cancer, but she was a beautiful lady, courageous, and generous. Somehow I feel like Roger's Gardens has a little bit of her spirit, and that makes me even happier to visit.

The Disneyland Rose is a "Collector's Rose" from Jackson Perkins, a premier rose company based in Oregon. The picture of it is gorgeous, with variegated colors of pink, orange, yellow, just as colorful and fun as Disneyland itself.

Disneyland is a special place for me. As an only child, my parents often didn't know what to do with me - and so we became amusement park aficionados! Disneyland was always our favorite, especially at Christmas. My three daughters have followed in my family's tradition, and we have spent so many happy hours there.

At any rate, the Disneyland Rose available for purchase on site was actually a little straggly, and not blooming. It wasn't the specimen that I had dreamed about - but as a gardener, I know that patience is rewarded with time. Next season, I know she will be the beauty that I expected.

The one other thing I wanted to tell you is that there is a "Christmas Boutique" at Roger's Gardens in one of the large indoor edifices. There was a line of about 20 people (all six feet apart) waiting to get in. You can see the queue in the last video pieces of the Christmas tree forest. I know that this boutique is really charming, and has every kind of sparkly Christmas ornament possible. I so wanted to enter - but I decided not to because of Covid. Ugh. They were being very careful at Roger's but Robert was waiting for me in the car, and I didn't feel like it was completely safe to wander inside - so both of those things combined precluded me from seeing the real magic at Roger's Gardens.

But that's ok. I made my own magic. I remembered my friend fondly, I borrowed fresh wreath-making ideas from their display, I giggled at the Christmas toad stools and funny Christmas tree, and felt wistful as I passed the Christmas train, thinking of all the Christmas mornings with my beloved parents. That was enough magic for me.

A beautiful December 1st start to the Christmas season!


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