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China Cabinet Sparkle!

You already know that Iove china. But I've been trying to think why that is so.

My mom never really had any china to speak of except the Franciscan Apple China - and that is really ceramic table ware, not fine china. My Aunt Anna, my mother's sister, had several sets of china, though none were especially unique. But whenever we visited her in South Dakota, she would always have a gathering and use her china. But I'm not so sure that is it either.

My mother was, however, committed to buying me fine dinnerware after I got married. Though some of that included a bountiful set of Avon Cape Cod china, I really appreciated this. She bought me serving pieces for my wedding china, lovely soup tureens, and some beautiful cobalt blue pieces which I used to collect.

So maybe that's it. For me, china is a kind of love language. It's something you buy for the daughters you love, so they can dine, and host, and throw parties for the happy life that you wish for them

Thanks, mom.


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