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Celebrating at The Boiling Crab!

I think it's always a good time to celebrate. And especially when something so special is about to happen.

So we had a busy, successful day of wedding planning (fun but exhausting!) and we decided we needed to celebrate!

Luckily, Dan, Julia's fiancé, agreed with us! He took us out for our favorite meal: Crab! So generous of him!

And particularly generous when you hear how much fresh crab costs these days!! $70.00 a pound! We certainly weren't a cheap date but Dan had the right's ok to splurge for special celebrations...and everyday with the bridal couple is a special occasion!

There will be enough time for the everyday after the wedding. For now, we are enjoying each other, and celebrating the upcoming nuptials every chance we get!!!

P.S. Robert didn't join us because 1) he doesn't like fish of any kind ( I think it's all the years of tuna casseroles!) 2) he had to write the newsletter!!!


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