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Cats, Ducks, and Dwarf Irises!

Everyday this spring when I go into the garden, I find something new to delight. A walk around the block, or even a gaze upward can often provide the same results. Nature is healing in every way.

In the last week, I have been brought to tears by the evening news on several occasions. Robert has had to turn off the TV so I can finish my dinner! And that's hard for him because he needs to watch for the newsletter. So things are at sixes and sevens here.

But the one balm that never lets me down is the garden. Even when things feel in complete disarray, I can always find solace wandering in my small little space outside.

And today was a super bonus, flora AND fauna! Even if you cannot get outside today -- enjoy my foray into the garden and take a deep breath. There's beauty...and life, all around.


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