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Carrots Two Ways with Jill and Jenny

My favorite part of this episode, was -- you guessed it -- Jenny. Honestly, I feel so blessed to have my three daughters. And spending time with them, even if it is over Zoom, makes life so much sweeter, and more joyful.

Poor Jenny. Because she is my only daughter that lives near me in Los Angeles, she has to put up with me in a way that my other daughters do not. This blog is an example. Especially now, during quarantine, when there is no one that I see on a daily basis, (except Robert) she is my taste tester, my only dinner guest, and today she's my guest vlogger! I feel very lucky.

It was fun taste testing with her - because we had starkly different ideas about what tasted good and what didn't. You'll have to watch the video to find out. And if you are interested in trying either of the two recipes, they're in the video archive on my blog.

Plus there's a very special surprise at the end! Blessed indeed.


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