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Carrot Harvest! (And I cut my own hair!)

Quarantine is serious business. Here in California one in five people test positive for Covid. So Robert and I are REALLY staying home. And staying away from any services that we might normally patronize.

One of the most important of these is my hairstylist, and therapist, Lisa. I haven't been able to see her since early October, and with short hair, that's a really long time. She will not be happy to know that I have resorted to cutting my own hair. But, the way I look at it, -- Sharon Stone cuts her own hair - so I should be able to do it, too. How's that for a rationale?

I don't think I did myself much good today - but there's always tomorrow.

However, don't worry about me... I'm not hacking away at my hair in despair or frustration. I'm just vain. I'll probably let my hair continue to grow in quarantine, but I also might continue to clip around the edges !!!! (No judging, Lisa!)

There are so many things that have changed because of our strict quarantine. I guess one of the most impactful, though, is that I'm spending 100% of my time with Robert. Honestly, that's a lucky break for me.

Being able to spend all your time with someone that listens to you, understands your moods, builds you a potting bench, and just generally spoils you...there's nothing to complain about there. Grateful every day!

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