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Burbank, Big Boy's and a Birthday!

Such a fun birthday excursion!

I like to hear stories from Robert's life when he wasn't with me...because, well, there's very little that we haven't shared since we've known each other from the first grade! So hearing about stories of Burbank from the old days when I wasn't around is always a treat for me.

I think you will enjoy them too...and Bob's Big Boy? A historic site that wasn't historic when we were dating in the 1970's! Plus the burgers tasted exactly the took us both back to those days of high school when we held hands under the table, and had to be home by 10:00 p.m.

And the Hubbell homestead? Robert's mom and dad raised 4 beautiful children in that little Burbank house. Life was good back then.

And now? Even better...because Robert Hubbell now lives with me!


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