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Bridal Shower Panic in the Garden!

Ok. I'm officially panicked. The Shower is Sunday!!!! (Even my son-in-law, Matt, told me he felt panicked, and he isn't even attending!!!)

The shower is an outdoor garden party -- Breakfast at Tiffany's themed! BUT...the backyard garden (because of the drought) looks like a desert scape. I haven't heard from the Etsy vendor that is making the centerpieces AND the caterer has ghosted me. PLUS, my hairdresser said she has no openings so I can't get my hair cut. I'm a mess.

Robert said that as long as we have food and a place to sit, it will be fine. But that doesn't actually make me feel any better. Because right now we don't have any food - and Plan B is Domino's!!

In the end, though, he's right. It's about the people we will be with, and the joy of seeing our Julia be happy as the bride who has chosen her groom.

I guess that makes me feel a little better. Even if we end up eating pizza. Don't panic, Matt!


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