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Breakfast at Tiffany's Shower Planning!

It's a little nerve-wracking -- all the uncertainty, but I'm just going with it and enjoying planning for my youngest daughter's bridal shower. Sometimes, planning can be half the fun!

And if you've been watching me plan the last few days: a few updates. I included these in the video but it made it way too long!!

1) I told you that I couldn't get a hair appointment with my hairdresser for a "spruce up" for the shower. A reader who shares the same hair dresser as I do offered me her appointment on Sunday! Wasn't that the sweetest! I declined because I think I will be crazy on Sunday -- but it was so kind nonetheless.

2) Several of you were kind to write me and offer your ideas about how to trouble shoot without a caterer. Some of you even offered to cook! Thank you! I think the caterer is going to come through's been an odyssey!

3) I did get a lot of my garden jobs done yesterday - though I'm really feeling it today!

4) And I got an email from the Etsy vendor who said that the centerpieces are in the mail! Let's hope that's true!

Don't you just love those shoes???

Lots more to look forward to!


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