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Bragging Rights!

Even the thumbnail is boring. But that's how it is in gardening. You have to put in the hard work of preparation in order for the beautiful payoff in spring. I think it's like that in life too. Nothing satisfying comes without the hard work.

That's the problem with a garden blog. There's lot of not glamorous things that are required in order to get to the glorious things in the growing season. And not glamorous things are not that exciting to watch. I submit this video as evidence!

No matter. I did the hard work, and will reap the benefits. It took me probably 4 or 5 sessions in the garden to get it all done, but I feel good about it now. (I know I keep saying that...)

And in fact, I'm thinking really hard about my backyard garden this winter in particular, because my grandchildren may be walking this spring or summer, and we will soon be putting up a pool fence that will probably be up for most of the growing season. The fence obstructs my easy access to the garden, so I may not be doing as much in the backyard garden this spring and summer.

I will be a busy bee in early spring, though, planting seeds, and setting things up. And when the fence goes up -- I'll just let nature take its course. That's a hard thing to do for a gardener...but I can do it. Anything for the grand babies.

Get in the garden this weekend...or do some cleaning's cathartic! can brag about it afterwards!


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