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Boston's Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel

I love entering another era through architecture and art - and that's exactly what happens when you walk into the Boston Fairmont Copley.

Built in 1912 for 5.5 million, it sold in 2017 for 170 million!

Every U.S. President since Taft has stayed in the hotel, and Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton stayed in this hotel for the second honeymoon! Babe Ruth graced its halls when Boston had a party for him to celebrate his return after 16 years with the Yankees. (Even Babe Ruth got traded - so I'm not going to feel bad about Ohtani!)

It was the first hotel to be completely air conditioned in Boston, the first hotel with international reservations, and the first to accept credit cards.

It was a delight to enjoy a place with so much history. Here in California, there are very few beautiful buildings of this type. And it was a treat to return to the earliest days of luxury, so beautifully preserved at the Boston Copley Fairmont Plaza Hotel.


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