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BEST Museum in Fairbanks... Hands Down!!!

Here's why this museum is so special...

* The Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum is home to over 95 pre-World War II automobiles, with 65 to 75 staged, rare automobiles at all times. This expansive collection encompasses horseless carriages, steamers, electric cars, speedsters, cyclecars, midget racers and 30s classics.

*AND it boasts what is considered to be the largest, most extensive vintage clothing collection in the Pacific Northwest. Alongside many of the roadway masterpieces are beautifully preserved and staged men's and women's outfits from that auto’s place in time.

*The Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum has 5 cars which are the last of their kind in the world, and some vehicles which are the only models ever built!!!

*Several of Alaska's earliest cars are also on display, including the Territory's very first automobile. It was hand built in 1905 by a man who had never seen a car before!

*All but 5 of the vehicles in the collection are operable and driven during the Alaskan summer!

All of the above information comes from their Website:

I love antique cars so I was looking forward to this museum. But some of my female travel companions were not as enthusiastic...however, when they entered the museum and saw the over 1,000 vintage fashion pieces, they were also delighted.

There's something for everyone in this marvelous place.

It's must see location if you're ever in Fairbanks. Or even if you're near, it's worth a drive over just for the museum.

It's a museum that is so well cared for, always evolving, and whose owners and staff are so passionate and enthusiastic about the museum, it's just infectious.

Loved it!


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