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Berkeley Weekend!

Even though we had a lovely weekend, I currently feel wretched. It's always this way when we have to leave Baby Abby. And it doesn't get any easier!

The older she gets the more delightful she gets. She is now vocalizing -- squealing, laughing, giggling. It's all too adorable. However, she is a very careful little one.

When Robert and I arrived on Thursday night, Baby Abby was not too keen on us. With quarantine and all, really the only two faces that Abby has seen are those of her mother and father. So, when two new faces entered the picture, she was a little leery. The first time on Thursday that she looked at me and Robert, her little lower lip stuck out really far, and she started tearing up, leading to an eventual full blown cry! We felt so sad!

The next day, though, she was a little doll. She got used to me more quickly than Robert, I think because I look a little bit like her mom. But she also eventually got used to Robert, and soon we were able to laugh and giggle with her too.

It's inspirational to watch your children parent their children. We feel like Jackie and Matt are wonderful parents, and we see how much joy that Baby Abby brings to them. And we remember too, how much joy our girls brought us at exactly that age.

Life is an amazing thing.


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