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Berkeley Nurseries and a Favorite Market!

Today was a Red Letter Day! Spending time with my daughter and granddaughter will always be a Red Letter Day, but today was really special. I think that Baby Abby's excursions have been limited to doctor visits so far. And I think that her mom and dad have been similarly handicapped - not too many field trips since Abby has been born. So today we decided to try to see if Abby would like to drive around a little, while we entertained ourselves with a few Berkeley sites where my daughter used to be a regular customer, but since Covid, and the California fires, has felt limited to walks around the apartment!

We decided to drive to a few nurseries, because I thought you would enjoy them - and because I wanted to see what kind of plants were actually available to Berkeley residents, now that I had seen lots of Berkeley front yards. The nurseries actually mirrored the content of the gardens that I had seen, which I guess is not too surprising. There were a limited number of annual flowers, many more perennials, and lots and lots of succulents, and dryscaping kinds of plants.

There was a fun pumpkin patch at the back of the first nursery which really tickled me because I want my granddaughter to visit there. Only I got out of the car on our excursion and only for a few minutes each time to take a little video, but we had a fun time nonetheless, taking our new granddaughter on a little joy ride, trying to pretend that things were normal.

The reason that I thought that the Westbrae Nursery pumpkin patch would be perfect for Abby is because it was little - just like her. Some of the pumpkin patches these days try to be temporary amusement parks with bounce houses, haunted houses, mazes, petting zoos, and a myriad of other activities. Abby's just too little for all that. Really she just needs a picture spot where she and her parents can sit among the pumpkins, and take a sweet photo -- so that years from now they can say -- look Abby! This was your first Halloween! And your Grandma Jill found the perfect pumpkin patch for you.


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