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Beauty in the Time of Covid: A Lament!

Now that I've watched the video all the way through -- I feel worried that it's rather gloomy. It's sunny here, but it's not a garden day. So, I'm inside, unwilling to go anywhere because of Covid, and...maybe feeling just a little bit sorry for myself. But perhaps that's ok.

I know how fortunate I am. I am acutely aware every day of the blessings in my life. And honestly, there is no real reason for me to be blue. BUT...

Things have changed so dramatically during Covid, that it takes time to adjust to the new reality. And truthfully, Covid has impacted our lives in positive ways as well. However, that's for another blog.

Today, I'm just cataloguing all the ways that my beauty routine has been impacted -- and in ways that I rather miss. My make-up, my jewelry, my hair, my attire - all things that I previously was very invested in, and things that sparked joy. But when you can't wear or use any of the things that spark joy, well, it's just a very different reality.

So my perspective needs to shift. And it will. I don't need all the "things" that I once enjoyed. Plus, I have two new loves to invest in now. And they're both much better than blazers, and makeup, and jewelry.

And if I do this right -- they will love me back, unlike all those brooches!


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