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Beach Bday at Paradise Cove

While it was a little disconcerting to see how much change had happened since the last time that we visited Paradise Cove -- I do believe that the changes worked in our favor, especially with the littles in tow.

While the lounge rentals were pricey (I'll include the link below for reservations and pricing) I do believe that Gracie and Grandad approved! We did need the shade for the grandchildren, and though we did buy a beach tent, it would have been much more of a hassle -- the lounges and umbrellas were ready to go -- PLUS they brought our food to us from the Beach Cafe.

We definitely splurged -- but we hadn't been to the beach in forever, so I think if you amortize the expense over the many years that we didn't visit, we got a good deal! Now I want to take Julia and Dan when they come to visit us in August!

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Andrea Wells
Andrea Wells
Aug 09, 2023

Thank you for lifting my spirits w a family outing. So lovely!

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