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Baking Amish Bread!

This was a really good lesson. Just keep persevering! I simply wouldn't give up!

At every turn of this recipe, I was sure that it was not going to turn out. I thought that the yeast was too globby. But it wasn't! I thought that that my problems with the stand mixer would have made the dough un-bakeable. But it wasn't! I thought that my kneading was less than successful. But it wasn't!

I just kept going...despite my doubts. And I am telling you, this bread turned out wonderfully. It tastes great. It looks impressive. It smelled gorgeous. And it got compliments from my Tennessee son-in-law.

And despite everything, as I reflect on the baking experience, it was really pretty easy. It was just that the stand mixer was a disaster.

But if you do want to try the recipe, use the directions in the link below. I didn't really explain all the steps fully. I'm very unpracticed at simultaneously baking and explaining. But I will work on that as well. It's all about perseverance!!!!


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