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Baby Gracie Arrives!

The birth of a child is always a miraculous event...but when it is your own grandchild, it feels doubly miraculous.

Gracie, like her sister and cousin, was beautiful from day one. And it looks like Gracie has red hair! My dad had a red tint in his hair and Gracie's paternal grandma has really red hair - so it's possible we will have a ginger in the family!

When Big Sister Cora first met Gracie, she was very anxious to hold her, but the minute that she did, she became quickly disinterested, and wanted to toddle off to find Mickey Mouse.

Nonetheless, Cora has been sweet, helpful, and intermittently attentive, but the best part is that she has remained her darling, sunny self. We adore her.

And now we will have one more to adore! Welcome to the family Gracie!

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Elaine Diamond
Jan 30, 2023

Mazel Tov and welcome to Gracie - so sweet! And your granddaughter Cora looks just like you. 🤗

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