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Annabelle's Book Club LA

What a lovely store. It's like a little jewel box. I wanted to buy everything I saw! While it has a wide range of books, it has a fabulous collection of romance, mystery, and other compelling fiction curated by Annabelle. It was also such a pleasure to meet the author, Abigail Hing Wen. I got her to sign my book! I'm excited to start her series!

If you live in Los Angeles, Annabelle's Book Club LA is a great field trip. Explore new pleasure reading, find wonderful gifts, buy a new coffee table book, or just treat yourself to a fun afternoon. (There's a great ice cream store just down the street!)

And props to Annabelle -- she's just the kind of young woman I want to support. Smart, devoted to the written word, and making small business attractive to everyone.


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