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An Early Christmas Present OR Robert Builds Me a Potting Bench!

It's been a busy night! We hosted our annual Reader Newsletter Christmas Party, and now it's on to the blog!

Here's a link to our Zoom Christmas Reader Party this year, in case you didn't get to attend.

Earlier today, I took a video of Robert explaining his early Christmas present to me -- a fabulous potting bench!

Here's the plans for the potting bench.

And here's the YouTube video of someone building the potting bench.

Everything you need to build a great potting bench for your garden! I think it's going to be a lovely architectural element in our garden. I'm going to place it across from the veg garden where the sun is not optimal for growing in the spring and summer. Last year, I tried to grow cukes there, and they started out fine, but eventually the shade was just too much for them. But it will be a perfect place for me to putter and pot.

In addition to being a fabulous writer, and news commentator, Robert has become a excellent wood worker, and has made quite a few useful projects around the house. He actually made my raised bed garden, and his own wood working benches in our garage. But perhaps his greatest project to date has been building a generator shed ( 3 feet X 4 feet) for our mountain cabin. It's impressive!

All in all, a very successful day. So much to be grateful for!

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