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Alphabetizing my Spices! (And my hair... again!)

You know it's bad in quarantine when you start alphabetizing your spices. Although I have to say that I really loved doing it. (Except for the turmeric which made me mad.) I'm going to blame everything on my friend Marilyn. She has been alphabetizing her spices since the 1980's - and I've been jealous since really it was about time. I spotted my spice rack on an infomercial a while back - I've had it several years...It's called Spicy Shelf, Deluxe Stackable Shelf. Just in case you get the urge to maximize your space and alphabetize! It pays to watch TV late at night.

But forget about the spices. What is up with my hair? Really, Jill. LOOK IN THE MIRROR --before you decide to do a video. I have hair sticking out everywhere, and of course, I didn't bother to put on any make up -- so this video is really like one of those celebrity videos where they brag that they "just woke up" and haven't done their hair or make up.

EXCEPT that when celebrities do this they look great, of course. But, I do not look great. In fact, I look ridiculous, like I did just get out of bed. Argh.

Here's the deal. I have a vision of myself in my head that doesn't match the vision of myself when I see the playback of the video. Part of that is because my husband tells me all the time how beautiful I am - and I just believe him. And part of it is because seeing myself on video at almost 65 is taking some getting used to.

Before quarantine, I had not really done any videos of myself, and now that I am doing them quite frequently, seeing myself up close, and in a quarantine way, without a proper hair cut or color, and make- up free -- it's a little bit of a shock. But just a little bit. I'm mostly ok with my aging countenance. It shows where I've been, who I've become. And I'm proud of that. I'm just growing into another kind of beauty.

But next time. I'll look in the mirror.


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