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Almost There! Bounty in the Veg Garden!

My veg garden this year is making me feel like I don't have enough of a veg garden. What's the point of ONE kale plant? Or a few onions? Or ONE potato plant? Or even a half dozen corn stalks?

It's a lot of fun, and a terrific hobby. BUT there's no way to truly feed the family off the meager haul from a veg garden as small as mine. I would have to do something drastic to make the backyard a true victory garden.

Here's my idea.

Fill in the pool. Fill in the pool and have a the whole backyard be a garden!

My Aunt Genevieve, who grew up in South Dakota on a farm, did exactly this. I remember as a young child, visiting her house in Palo Alto, and thinking how odd it was that she had no lawn, but only dirt pathways amongst the fruit trees, (persimmons, lemons, oranges, plums) and every kind of veg you can imagine. I was totally unimpressed at the time. But it did make an impression.

I wonder who I have to convince around here to make this happen??


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