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Advent Calendars!

As a child, my parents always bought me a glittery advent calendar to begin opening on December 1st. Advent is a time of anticipation, when Christians wait for the birth of Baby Jesus.

Today, for some, Advent has taken on a new, secular meaning, and the Advent Calendar has become a countdown to Christmas.

Either way is fine with me -- my Holly Dolly Calendar certainly doesn't have any religious overtones to it -- but it is fun just the same.

However, I really can't recommend highly enough the Jacqui Lawson digital Advent Calendar. There's so much more to it that I couldn't show you. Every day a darling video. Lots of fun things to do, trees to decorate, games to play. And it has lovely music that accompanies it. Recipes, ideas for holiday decor, Christmas's just magical. Last year the Advent Calendar was set in Sweden, and that was wonderful too.

This year the calendar is set in London England, so that much of the traditions are more familiar, and the sights remind me of the Christmas in 1976 that I spent in London when I studied abroad and my parents came to visit. A lovely memory.

It only costs $5.00. So inexpensive for the beautiful quality and all the fun that you can have. I know you will love it!


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