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Abby's Coming!

It's really exciting to be anticipating the arrival of my daughter Jackie and her little family. But it's exhausting! We want their stay with us to be comfortable and happy -- and to feel like home. So, we've spent the last month working on the guest house...and it's ready!

We could always do more...but Jackie and Matt won't be living with us permanently -- and it will eventually turn back into a guest house!

Our guest house is a very snug little place, and just steps away from our back door. You can imagine what a delight it was to have my mom living there when my daughters were little.

I worked full time when my daughters were growing up, and I don't regret it one minute. There are lots of reasons why that's so -- but that's a story for another time. Everyone makes the decision that's right for them. However, working full time raising three daughters was made infinitely easier because I had my mom in the backyard.

While my mom would often be at our house helping out, she also had a private space of her own that she could retreat to, though grandchildren were always welcome to visit.

Our guest house definitely holds lots of wonderful memories, and will have so many more...because Abby's coming to live there!


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