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A Visit to the Getty Museum with Julia and Dan!

It was a joy

It was a joy! And a needed breath of fresh air in this busy season.

Robert and I were delighted when Julia and Dan invited us on a date during their Thanksgiving visit. We chose the Getty because it's pretty close to us, it has a lovely garden, and we all love museums!

We had a 1:00 p.m. reservation and getting there, despite the close proximity was no small feat. We were on Level 7 of a 7 Level parking lot -- it was VERY busy. But we mostly stayed outdoors and kept our masks on.

There was a line to get in, of course, even though we had reservations -- and we had to show proof of vaccination to be admitted. I would say that the review of our vaccination cards was very cursory, and the attendant didn't even look at Dan's card but just waved us all through. That made me a little worried about the efficacy of requiring proof of vaccination.

But after all the falderal -- we enjoyed our day immensely. We get to spend lots of time with our older two daughters because they live near us. But Julia and Dan live in D.C. and so our time with them has been limited. This was a good way to catch up, and be cultured at the same time! (Plus wedding plans may have been discussed as well!)

More days like this, please!


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